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Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Review

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth

This is our Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Review.

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The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth gives you the satisfaction of a highly professional HD video. It provides the picture in 720 pixels. It has a wide angled lens which is 170 degree as the name suggests. It is one of the best mini action cameras and it provides the action in a highly effective way. It is water resistant and quite rough and tough to bear the jerks and pushes while shooting the action. It can be attached to the helmet or can be used as an attachment to any sports gear.  Drift Innovation HD170 can be easily connected to the TV or PC.

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth   Review – What is it?

The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is an all in one video camera which is useful to shoot action sports giving a quality which is highly effective. The real action can be captured in this camera and the camera has everything from a LCD screen to a remote control in order to operate from far. Moreover its high resolution and SD card memory is quite effective. It has a goggle mount as well as a handlebar grip to firmly hold the camera while shooting. This camera has all the latest technology like the WI-FI button, the SD slot, the HDMi connection. Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is the latest video camera with a stylish and sleek appearance.

Drift Innovation HD170 Camera – What I Like

The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is a sleeker and stylish version of the Drift series. It is lighter and has a lot of features which are compatible to today’s technology.  The digital zoo and rotatable wide angle lens helps to shoot the action as it is without being limited to a certain angle. It is provided with helmet grip, universal grip and Velcro strap hence enabling the camera to be attached anywhere while you are busy in the action. It has a long lasting lithium battery. Moreover the standard connections enable it to perform normal functions effectively and Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is a highly effective action camera.

The Innovation HD170 Stealth – What I did not like

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is not very small in size and hence it can be a deterrent in capturing action scenes. When placed on helmets it may not be exactly the right size and may bulge out. Check out for all the connections and accessories to insure there are no issues as occasionally connectivity issues have been noted due to the small connections. Drift HD170 model is not able to deliver 1080p video. For this it has been updated with a newer model, the Drift HD action camera which may limit supply of the HD170.

Overall thoughts

All in all Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is one of the best action cameras out there giving a reliable good quality image no matter where or how you use it.  Bringing excellent results for shooting the action live and is quite effective in reproducing the videos on a TV or PC.

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Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Capture your adventures, forever, with a motorcycle helmet camera.

Adventure is a way of removing boredom from life. We often have fun driving the boredom out of our lives and would love to do more adventure then work. Many people enjoy doing adventure sports but some find a simple ride exhilarating. Either way you can add video recording as a new hobby to your motorcycle riding to add another layer after the ride is over.

Capture The Moments With A Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Riding a motorcycle is thrilling when you are bored. While racing fast on your motorcycle you may have always wished that the moments could be captured so that you could relive them and share them again and again. The new motorcycle helmet cameras are the optimum choice for storing your memories for life.

When you want to really describe the actions and fun you had then words are not enough to do so. You need pictures or videos to show your actions. When the video is shot right from the angle your eyes see it then you find the pleasure doubled. These mini action cams are enchanting devices which can be used to cover all our adventures on a motorcycle.

Adventure Cameras

Video recorders were always used as devices which could capture the moments to be seen later. Today the concept of these cameras has changed entirely. Cameras are not only being used by others for clicking our stills but we ourselves can use them while we are involved in any action. Moreover POV video cams are also used for posting our endeavors and actions directly on social media and the internet.

What to look for in Motorcycle helmet camera

The best motorcycle helmet camera should have certain qualities to capture the graphics clearly. Here are some of the qualities essential for a good helmet cam:

Motorcycle Helmet Camera Mounted

Motorcycle Helmet Camera Mounted

Easily Mounted: these cameras are to be mounted on the helmet and hence first and foremost it becomes essential that these cameras should be easily and firmly mounted.

Compatibility with PC: the pictures and videos captured are of no use if they cannot be transferred easily to the internet or the PC. Hence this function should be tested before buying a helmet camera.

Ruggedness: the camera is going to be placed on the head and it will be susceptible to jerks and shaking. Hence the camera should be robust and should be able to bare the jerks and twists without creating much difference on the quality of the video.

Battery Life: battery life is essential for any camera especially which is used for adventure as there is no fun in capturing half the adventure.

Light Weight: Picking a camera that is of a comfortable weight will allow you to record for hours without fatigue.

Hence enjoy your adventures and antics on a motorcycle but be sure to capture the fun with a motorcycle helmet camera that can record video, capture stills and be edited to show slow motion footage.

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Ski Helmet Camera – Capture the Excitement!


Ski Helmet Camera

Ski Helmet Camera

Relive and show off the excitement of your last ski trip with a ski helmet camera. Skiing is a fun sport that millions of people enjoy annually.

The fun in skiing is the thrill of racing through the snow and of course the view. When you ski, the world seems to whirl past us while the snow sprays out from under our skis. These moments are very beautiful and breathtaking.

When you are skiing you often wish that the moments could be captured and stored for days to come. These moments can be captured with the help of a ski helmet camera.

Ski Helmet Cameras A New Concept

Video cams were always used as devices which could capture the moments to be seen later. Today the concept of cameras has changed entirely. Cameras are not only being used by others for clicking our stills but we ourselves can use them while we are involved in any action. Moreover cameras are also used for posting our endeavors or actions directly on the social media or on internet.

Live action can be captured with the help of mini action cameras which have cropped up in the present times. Ski helmet camera is a camera attached to the helmet worn during skiing. This camera is a very useful device in capturing the moments while skiing and the best part is we do not need anyone else as these cameras capture the moments while we are involved in the sport. Make sure you choose an action camera that is WATER RESISTANT!

Ski Cam Accessories

Contour Ski Helmet Camera

Contour Ski Helmet Camera

You can now shoot your adventures on snow with the help of the helmet camera and its accessories. These cameras come along with accessories like extra batteries, handle mounts and microphones, however, you may need to purchase an additional attachment to mount your camera to a helmet. Some cameras do come with a standard helmet mount.

Capture the action with different angles owing to your ski helmet camera while enjoying the sport.  Many of these cameras come standard with a remote control which can be operated from the camera or by hand. Moreover, some helmet cams have an LCD screen which provides excellent clarity and the ability to replay your shots, insuring you’ve capture the footage you were seeking. The battery life is considerably good and if required a spare battery is available at a minimal price.

This camera has the facility of playing the videos in slow motion which allows you to easily get the feel of skiing at your own pace and time. The cameras come with certain other mounts which are quite useful when you are not skiing or when you want the cameras to be placed on mounts during skiing.

Benefits of  Ski Helmet Video Cameras

These point of view cameras are lightweight and can be easily worn during skiing without causing any discomfort. However these cameras can be attached to the quite easily and can transfer the videos to the PC or directly to the internet too. So enjoy your skiing and enjoy showing off to your friends the adventures of your life…

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