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Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Review

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth

This is our Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Review.

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The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth gives you the satisfaction of a highly professional HD video. It provides the picture in 720 pixels. It has a wide angled lens which is 170 degree as the name suggests. It is one of the best mini action cameras and it provides the action in a highly effective way. It is water resistant and quite rough and tough to bear the jerks and pushes while shooting the action. It can be attached to the helmet or can be used as an attachment to any sports gear.  Drift Innovation HD170 can be easily connected to the TV or PC.

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth   Review – What is it?

The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is an all in one video camera which is useful to shoot action sports giving a quality which is highly effective. The real action can be captured in this camera and the camera has everything from a LCD screen to a remote control in order to operate from far. Moreover its high resolution and SD card memory is quite effective. It has a goggle mount as well as a handlebar grip to firmly hold the camera while shooting. This camera has all the latest technology like the WI-FI button, the SD slot, the HDMi connection. Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is the latest video camera with a stylish and sleek appearance.

Drift Innovation HD170 Camera – What I Like

The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is a sleeker and stylish version of the Drift series. It is lighter and has a lot of features which are compatible to today’s technology.  The digital zoo and rotatable wide angle lens helps to shoot the action as it is without being limited to a certain angle. It is provided with helmet grip, universal grip and Velcro strap hence enabling the camera to be attached anywhere while you are busy in the action. It has a long lasting lithium battery. Moreover the standard connections enable it to perform normal functions effectively and Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is a highly effective action camera.

The Innovation HD170 Stealth – What I did not like

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is not very small in size and hence it can be a deterrent in capturing action scenes. When placed on helmets it may not be exactly the right size and may bulge out. Check out for all the connections and accessories to insure there are no issues as occasionally connectivity issues have been noted due to the small connections. Drift HD170 model is not able to deliver 1080p video. For this it has been updated with a newer model, the Drift HD action camera which may limit supply of the HD170.

Overall thoughts

All in all Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth is one of the best action cameras out there giving a reliable good quality image no matter where or how you use it.  Bringing excellent results for shooting the action live and is quite effective in reproducing the videos on a TV or PC.

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